Planters Farms

Planters farms promoted by Planters, a leading landscaping company in Kerala identified fertile lands in different parts of South India which are suitable for farming with proper irrigation system. These farms plots are available from 1 acre to 10 acres units. Planters Farms will be providing all consultation and proper guidelines to register the land in your name and afterwards plantation and maintenance.

Rambutan, mangosteen, passion fruit, foliage plants, spices and medicinal plants will be grown in the plots which will be planted and maintained by Planters up to 3 years and afterwards with additional contract.

A golden opportunity for safe investment for your future.

Current on-going project details

Location Goa border, 10 km from Valpoi
Plot Size 1 acre to 10 acres
What we provide Registration of land, irrigation, fencing, road, common farm
Investment Rs.6 Lakhs to 50 lakhs
Plantation Mangosteen, rambutan, passion fruit, foliage plants, spices,
Income Average 2lakhs per annum per acre
Maintenance 3 years plantation and maintenance contract. Renewed after
Hidden benefits Vacation home, proximity to Goa beach.