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Hearty Welcome!
With passion and pride, I welcome you to my world of greenery. The world where I take the time and effort to perfectly understand your requirement, for a better world around you.

All that you need is an environment that’s eye-catching and eye-soothing at the same, as much as it’s practical and purposeful. As the founder, and at the forefront of the ‘Planters Group’ for over a decade, I have been continuously realizing this passion to evolve ‘designed environments’, rather than mechanically setting up landscapes for you.

This enduring brand equity, and the flow of repeat business, stands testimony to the fact that we enjoy an enviable reputation in a highly competitive market. This is in fact, a natural outcome of our straightforward and transparent approach, honest design concepts that perfectly balances the aesthetic and functional aspects of a project and a spotless track record of over 20 years in landscaping and allied sectors.

We introduced new types of grasses, native plants, and Bee Bird Butterfly gardening (BBB).

Our newly showcased variety is the “Buffalo Dwarf Grass”. This species is gaining popularity as a low-water, low-maintenance landscaping grass. Buffalo grass needs minimal fertilization and is pest resistant which offer dense, green grass and xeriscape qualities.

Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. These important plant species provide nectar, pollen, and seeds that serve as food for native butterflies, bees and birds to nest a natural hub in our own place of dwelling.

BBB gardening is the global “Flora and Fauna” garden concept, which maintains the ecological balance, aesthetic value and hence expand local economies.

From Engineers to Designers, Gardeners to Site Managers, each and every one in my team, works in perfect harmony, to ensure you the sheer happiness of a project well done in conceptualization and in executing it, cost-effectively, well within the promised time frame.

Looking forward to joining hands with you.

Jiboy Thampy
Planters Group