Our Services

Landscaping and Civil Work
Our dedicated staff will do the landscaping and civil works of your site with latest machinery as per your guidelines

Green Engineering
Planters landscape architects design outdoor spaces that are useful, attractive and eco-friendly, considering budget, client needs, functionality, government regulations and environmental impact. Our highly qualified Architects are available for consultation.

‘Planters’ undertakes the total maintenance of all types of lawn, indoorplants, outdoorplants, flower gardens, vegetable gardens etc.

Team Planters give consultancy service to companies, institutions and organisations, in the field of horticulture, landscaping, indoor plants, outdoor plants, lawn, maintenance etc.

‘Planters’ has a separate well equipped division to do irrigation works and is available for all types of irrigation projects whether it’s small-scale or large-scale.

Indoor Plants Rental:
‘Planters’ is engaged in the supply of good quality plants in pots on a monthly rental basis. We will periodically change the plants and the pots will be painted new every time we replace a plant.

Indoor Plants Setting:
‘Planters’ has the expertise in setting up indoor plants, perfectly matching with your room’s decorations and lights. Our experts will visit your area and suggest the best plant for your site, with all the necessary details.

One of the main area of specialization of ‘Planters’ is landscaping / levelscaping. Our engineers will study the area which has to be leveled, make a scientific action plan and our experienced workforce will complete the work within the stipulated time.